Sunday, October 12, 2014

National Opera Week Features Opera Think Tank: Idea Power from Women

We at OPERA THINK TANK have been very busy connecting with dozens of outstanding women opera directors at every level, all over the world, and the enthusiasm for an online forum to connect and converse has been overwhelming. 

We eagerly await celebrating so much of this talent and insight at our online forum during Opera America's National Opera Week

If you're interested in being a part of this online forum, please hit the blue JOIN THIS SITE button to follow this blog. 

If you're a professional woman opera director and have not yet received an invitation to post, please email us at

We will be discussing the list below of American operas. What interests you about these pieces? What are the challenges? What would help them gain more momentum as part of the world's opera repertoire? Many artists will be posting about specific titles, and their ideas or questions about the work.

We are collecting content now and will be posting daily during National Opera Week, October 24th through November 2nd. Positive comments, questions, and conversations are encouraged.

The operas we will use as conversation points are listed below. This list was generated by Opera America as part of the Director Designer Showcase of this past fall, though this online forum will have nothing to do with that program, and its deadline has passed. The list serves simply as a conversation starter, however some artists may have submitted a showcase application and may choose to share their team's work. 

A Streetcar Named Desire (Previn/Littell)
Candide (Bernstein/Wilbur)
Four Saints in Three Acts (Thompson/Stein)
Glory Denied (Cipullo)
Il Postino (Cat├ín)
Lizzie Borden (Beeson/Elmslie)
Of Mice and Men (Floyd)
The Cradle Will Rock (Blitzstein)
Three Decembers (Heggie/Scheer)
Vanessa (Barber/Menotti)

We're looking forward to some fascinating insights and conversations!

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