Friday, January 1, 2016

Lessons From the North Pole

A member of our team had an exciting holiday season working for Santa Claus and performing over 50 shows of original music on the North Pole Express. 
Beyond the typical family fun, she writes below about how watching thousands of children of all ages play together was a truly fascinating experience. Here is her summary of takeaways:


Lessons From the North Pole:
(Or, Riding a Magical Musical Steam Train to the North Pole for Six Weeks with Hundreds of Families and Dozens of Elves and Santa Claus:)

10. No matter what your color or creed, family is family is family.

9. If you've got a bell, jingle it. Then give it to mommy.

8. Having a safe place to play is a true blessing and privilege.

7. Contracting every cold known to man will only make you stronger.

6. The most tremendous gift to give a child is your attention and affection.

5. You all know more words to those carols than you thought you did.

4. Our imaginations are limitless and fearless and can take us great places. They can also create invisible snowball fights between passing trains.

3. The Mikado is the emperor of Japan, a charming operetta, and the type of my locomotive engine.

2. Everyone has more fun while wearing color-coordinated pajamas.

1. Believing something magical will happen is magic in itself.

Merry Christmas from Katerina Kozy!

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  1. What a great time! I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience!